Monday, 16 July 2012

Wedding Colours and Trends Spring/Summer 2013

There are certainly mixed reviews about what the wedding trends and bridal themes will be in Spring/Summer 2013. However there does seem to be a noticeable link to the change in the seasons encompassing colour, organic textures, natural elements and ecofriendly elegance!
A real natural feel featuring trees and branches, olive greens, duck egg blue, warm oranges and effortless shades of brown. ‘Love Birds’ will also be seen quite widely this spring – with silhouettes of two little birds frequenting on personalised invitations, serviettes, chocolate wrappers, aisle runners stubby holders and koozies. Along with little tweeting figures added to bird nest bowls and decorations, bird houses for the centrepiece on the table, birdie themed cake toppers and fancy cages as a fun place to collect the cards from your guests.
Elegant and ecofriendly is definitely on the cards for this season, if you are planning to include some more organic and natural elements to your theme, then you could consider using stones as your place name holders for your tables, fill little gift bags with seeds that can be planted or scattered for the birds!
Why not create the perfect pot-plant for the bridesmaids to carry instead of the usual posies or bouquets as a fun way to really bring the spring garden to your wedding, choose a flower that suits the colour scheme of your wedding so that they can become the table centre piece decorations and then be replanted after the event – why not match it with a flower pot style cake too!
Here at Coolaz we have made every effort to create our coolers using products and materials that are better for the environment - we use water based inks that have no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and water based acrylic glues instead of the heavier rubber glues used in the standard neoprene types. We also use a toy and food grade foam for the interior of our coolers and have a lovely bright carrot orange or spring green that could be great for an organic theme.
The waterproof protective laminate to the outer of our cooler can easily be wiped clean, this means that we can create simple designs with mostly white in the background to use less inks and offer a clean organic feel to your design. Also, because our coolers are made with a light-weight foam and pack flat they are very economical to freight, plus all of our products are designed and made in our factory in Mornington, VIC resulting in a lower carbon footprint!
Completely opposite to the natural elements of spring comes the bright a bold colours of a summer rainbow! Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue Purple, Pink … all of these colours are acceptable this summer and you guessed it … all at once!! You can keep everything else simple with white, cream  or even black bridesmaid dresses for the wedding and then a bold choice of shoes and flowers to match – each girl can have a different colour of the rainbow for a fantastic look!
Dress up a simple cake with bright decorations, and choose decorations, ribbons and flowers to match – each table at your reception could have a different colour theme!
SURPRISE…!!! This is a huge thing this year and there are so many ways that you can bring an element of surprise into your wedding. Why not show your individuality and add a truly personal touch - if you are a fan of flats and not big on heels then why not wear a bridal gown that falls right to the floor and hide a pair of sneakers underneath?! Or perhaps you are known for a favourite colour or have a nickname that can be represented by a particular colour – then your surprise could be your bridal shoes … with some bright killer heels under your white dress – you could even match into your bridesmaid colours or flowers!
Wedding Dresses in Fashion
Some particular styles of bridal gowns this season include the Peplum – this modern style has a real retro feel to it. Peplum dresses look stunning in both short and long styles and have an additional short overskirt or ruffle attached at the waistline.
Short dresses will be big this summer, so if you’ve got great legs then show them off! If you prefer a longer look for your wedding then perhaps it wold be nice to have a shorter version for the reception as a second dress!
Black and white dresses are showing up every season and will continue to be loved. The contast of dark and light is simply exquisite and will be seen for a very long time.
Of course with the Royal wedding still hanging fond in our memory, the cowl neck dress will be really popular for the next few seasons – this inspiration comes from Pippa Middleton’s stunning look at the wedding of Kate & William!
One big difference this year is the coloured wedding gown... this won’t be a trend that will suit everyone however if it is the way to go for you then there are so many styles and colours to choose from - check out our coolers to match each colour too. some favourite colours include;
Red, Maroon, Deep Burgundy, Midnight Blue, Navy Blue, Spring Green, Olive Green, Aqua Blue and Duck Egg Blue along with the Classic White and Ivory Wedding Dress.

Happy Wedding Planning!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Olympic Inspired - Sports Club and Team Fundraising Ideas!

The London Olympics Schedule 2012 kicks off on 27 July ... and with the slogan 'Inspire a Generation' and Waltzing Matilda blasting out from Channel 9's promo for the Australian Team we certainly have big plans to paint London Aussie Gold & Green this british summer!!
The Olympic Rings are a symbol that is recognised everywhere, with the five colours blue, black, red, green and gold representing the union of five continents and the meeting of athletes from across the world at the Olympic Games.

There are giant sets of rings showing up across the UK, at the Mound in Edinburgh, Birmingham Airport, Newcastle and Gateshead, Cardiff City Hall, London Tower Bridge and the entrance of the Channel Tunnel in France to be seen by thousands of fans travelling to the UK... all of these truly show how the country is ready to welcome in the world this summer! And Team Australia will be greeted by the rings at Heathrow airport when they arrive!

The games are currently held every two years, with Summer and Winter alternating, although they occur every 4 years within their respective seasonal games. Recent games have been held or are
Winter Pyeongchang 2018, Sochi 2014, Vanccouver 2010, Torino 2006, Salt Lake 2002

Rio 2016, London 2012, Beijing 2008, Athens 2004, Sydney 2000
History of The Olympics
According to the books the first Olympic games can be traced back to 776BC when the ancient Olympic Games were held in Olympia, Greece. The ancient Games included running, long jump, shot put, javelin, boxing, and equestrian events. At the next summer Olympics in London you will see the following events;
Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Boxing, Canoeing, Cycling, Diving, Equestrian, Fencing, Football (Soccer), Gymnastics, Handball, Hockey, Judo, Pentathlon, Rowing, Sailing, Shooting, Swimming, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis, Trampoline, Triathlon, Water Polo, Weightlifting, Wrestling ...
Check out some of our designs created with a little Aussie twist...
(Beach) Volleyball
Football (Soccer)
Whether you are heading to London or supporting your favourite athlete from the comfort of your home or from the screen at your sporting club - make sure that you keep your drink cold with personalised Coolaz stubby holder like one of the designs above! And don't forget that any of these designs can be adapted in terms of their colour and layout - plus we can add your own team's logo and mission for a truely unique product.
Olympic Inspired - Sports Club and Team Fundraising Ideas!
If you are a club or sporting team and you are looking to raise some much needed funds for your team then Coolaz have the solution. Our coolers are printed in full colour with a photo-quality finish; you can add your team logo and colours, a photograph of the team as well as team names, individual numbers and player names!
Coolaz coolers are ideal for local merchandising - with our low unit price and a proven easy retail of around $5 you will quickly be able to raise funds for your team, event or cause!
Our stubby holders are fantastic as club merchandise; they can be sold over the bar, at the ticket office or on the terraces. They can be tailored for specific events or milestones, as a record of a particular game or perhaps a series of players like collecting cards.
If you offer memberships to your club then our coolers are great as part of a gift pack, as a ticket or season pass - we can offer sequential numbering or barcoding so that each cooler (ticket) is individual. This neat tool of numbering your promotional products is also great for giveaways and lottery/raffle type draws.
If you are holding a corporate event or club function you can also add individual names to double up as place cards for seating arrangements or as name 'badges' for networking nights, a great way to get to know each other and to keep hold of your drink!

Monday, 9 July 2012

How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

So you are embarking on one of the most important journeys of your life and want to capture your special day on film in the best way possible. With trends in photography changing all the time and digital cameras becoming more and more usable it is very hard to make a choice. There is however a distinct difference between someone who can operate a camera and a professional photographer and there are many factors to consider when making your decision.
Price can be a big element, however, you will only get one chance to get the shots you are after and there are so many other things to consider in making sure that you capture as many special moments as possible, sometimes you get what you pay for so it would be good to do some exploration before you make your final commitment.
Once you have decided on your budget you will want to look into their experience – is photography a hobby, something they do in their spare time or is this a business, perhaps they have been recommended to you by a friend or someone who has seen their work – referrals are a great way to ensure peace of mind, knowing that someone has themselves had a good experience.
At this point you will want to check their website; if they have an online library then you can browse through that to make sure you are happy with what you see and the style of their work.
Before you meet your photographer think about the type of wedding photos that you would like to see, maybe you would like some fun shots or particular frames, portraits or angles that you have seen elsewhere, you can put together a list of questions to ask about different style shots along with some formals and perhaps both in black & white and colour. All of these things will become apparent when you view the portfolio of the professionals that you meet –after all the proof will be in the pictures!
Make an appointment to meet some of your favourites and have a look through their portfolios, you will soon be able to make up your mind and tell if the shots they have produced previously will suit what you are after, they may also be able to recommend someone for a wedding video if you would were considering moving footage for the day.
Personality can play a huge part and some companies or individuals will allow you to pay a small fee or certainly it can be included in your package to have a pre-wedding shoot – this is a great way to get used to a p’hers style and to get a feel for how they work, you can also have a few test prints made up so that you can check you are happy with how the final product will look.
Be mindful to consider the location – for example of you are getting married in Sydney Harbour you may want to search for a 'wedding photographer in Sydney' or if your wedding is in Melbourne then search for a 'Melbourne photographer'. Perhaps you are having a destination wedding in Las Vegas or in an exotic location, if that is the case then you may want to check if your resort organises the photography for you as part of a package or if this is something that you will need to arrange yourselves.
Time will also be a very important, finding out how long the bridal photographer will stay for on the day, whether they will be there when the bride is getting ready and to meet the groom at the ceremony, plus will they stay for some reception shots after the actual wedding – all valid questions prior to the event.
How long will the production process take too, once the day is over how will it work from there, will you receive proofs to choose from on a disk or printed versions, how many shots can you have as part of your deal, then will it take several weeks or several months for the albums to be completed?
There are so many important questions and ideals to consider when choosing your wedding photography so allow youself a good few months if not longer to decide before your big day.
Plus, you will want to find out if you can get hold of digital copies so that you can send them to the Coolaz team to print on your Coolaz Wedding Stubby Holders – the perfect thank you gift to send to your guests after the event and with a photograph of the happy couple too, a wonderful keepsake for all of your friends and family.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Hot Destination Wedding Venues for Spring/Summer 2012/2013

If you are getting married and planning for a wedding in an exotic location then there are so many worthy wedding places that you can jet-set off to!! You may want to invest in a wedding planner at your destination as they will know what is available to you and be able to create a wedding ceremony that is perfect for you.
Perhaps you will opt for a wedding on the beach, a garden wedding or maybe you are flying internationally for a wedding in Sydney - hopefully this article will help to give you a few ideas for planning your wedding accessories, wedding d├ęcor, your ceremony location and your reception venue for the perfect destination wedding and honeymoon all in one!
Here are some choice destinations, honeymoon suggestions and wedding package ideas to help with your wedding planning.
Wedding at Uluru

If you are looking for intimate, enchanting and spiritual location for a wedding, then look no further than your own true back yard! For the ultimate destination-outback luxury wedding Uluru is the perfect choice. With Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia you will experience all that the red-centre has to offer, they will plan everything for you from travel arrangements to the ceremony and getting married itself along with the wedding catering and entire wedding package details - for a unique wedding in the heart of Australia.
Wedding in the Cook Islands

Getting married in the Cook Islands is romantic, easy and uncomplicated. An ideal location for a tropical island wedding. The Cook Islands boasts some of the most beautiful and diverse scenery in the South Pacific! There are many amazing resorts on the islands that can cater for your special day such as the Raratongan Beach Resort, Muri Beach Club and the Pacific Resort Raratonga to name but a few – whichever you choose you are sure to have a an idyllic outdoor wedding in this wonderful location.
Wedding in Bali
From the green rice paddies and beautiful beaches to traditional ceremonies and old temples, Bali is an island which will leave you with wonderful memories of its natural beauty and enchanting culture.

A very popular resort for eloping is the Conrad Bali, they offer several wedding options from garden and beachfront weddings to the famous Infinity chapel - A purpose built wedding venue floating in water with outstanding ocean views - It’s simple triangle shape is said to represent a romantic angle towards the heavens, while its physical attributes of marble, glass and steel are each metaphors for the male and female bodies and their interaction with each other as a couple … Plus it makes a stunning backdrop for your wedding pictures!
Wedding in New Zealand

A country with notably outstanding and picturesque scenery, there are so many different places that New Zealand can offer for your destination wedding. An alternative to the norm yet ideallic setting would be a lakeside wedding situated in the heart of the South Island at Lake Tekapo – in the summer months the golden glow of colour mixed with the bright turquoise coloured water is breathtaking.
The famous Church of the Good Shepherd is also found at Lake Tekapo and has captured the hearts of visitors from all over the world - the views in the distance from this spectacular location are something you will be sure to remember forever!
Wedding in Hawaii

O‘ahu, Hawaii is a fantastic destination for your wedding. This beautiful island offers the romantic setting of a tropical beach, with an exciting city atmosphere, and the charm of the Hawaiian culture.
It is likely that you will be having a beach ceremony and is a must to include the traditional Hawaiian flower, the Lei, which is said to signify love and respect. This will also provide you with the ammunition for some funny pun references like “I got Lei’d at Bride & Grooms wedding 2013”…!

Wedding in Fiji
Fiji is made up of hundreds of islands and you can choose from a modern international resort or a smaller more intimate island for your destination wedding. Temperatures rarely drop below 26 degrees all year round, perfect for a beach wedding and the natural white beaches and crystal clear coral waters make for the perfect backdrop!

Some favourites include LikuLiku Lagoon resort, Musket Cove and Mana Island Resorts to name a few … each are very special in their own way and can offer a range of ceremonies, you might choose the beach at sunset or amongst the tropical gardens for your special day.
Wedding in Samoa

Samoa is a charming group of islands located in the South Pacific. Each of the 10 islands is very different and offers its own unique surrounding for your destination wedding – from a cascading waterfall in the lush greenery to the white sands and sparkling blue sea!
If you choose to get married in a church, beside a waterfall, on a beach or in a tropical rainforest then Samoa is the place for you all of these options are available to you and more on these spectacular islands.
Get Married in Vanuatu

If you are asking how to plan a wedding in a honeymoon destination and have put together a wedding checklist of destinations to decide from then I am sure that volcanic Vanuatu will be high up your list! After taking a look at several wedding reviews you can clearly see that Vanuatu is a well kept secret and is also closer to Australia, less expensive than most other Pacific destinations and it is easy to tailor weddings to suit couples needs and wedding budgets.
Choose from many resort locations such as the Havannah, perfect for a sunset wedding or the Entrap Beach resort with a casual and romantic atmosphere – perfect for a small beach wedding.
Marriage in Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is the perfect place for your destination wedding. Get married in the traditional western style with a non-denominational ceremony, or opt for a Thai style Buddhist blessing - your wedding gown can be of any material and style that you choose however Thai custom does not allow black attire at weddings, as it is considered to be bad luck!
Choose from a variety of venues – villas, tropical gardens or on the beach for your perfect wedding day. Try the Outrigger Laguna Resort or the TwinPalms Phuket Resort both with fantastic wedding packages available for the perfect honeymoon and wedding combined.
...Whichever destination you choose for your wedding venue you can rest assured that we will be able to create a wedding stubby holder to suit your wedding theme and ideas! Make sure that you check out a previous article “Go That Extra Mile at your Destination Wedding” and “Ideas for your Beach Wedding” for some fantastic ways to include Coolaz stubby holders at your special day.
Happy Planning!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Happy July Fourth - Independence Day and party Fovor Ideas!

The 4th July (fourth of July) is a patriotic holiday observed in the USA commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 - declaring independence from Great Britain.
Very few people will have to go to work on Independence Day and universally this day is associated with carnival type celebrations … from street parades to family BBQs, school fairs, concerts, baseball games and other sporting events - all topped off with fireworks after dark!

Many families will make the most of the long weekend with this first week in July being one of the busiest travel periods of the year, as many Americans will utilise the holiday for extended vacation trips and family reunions. People in the United States will use this time to express and give thanks for the freedom and liberties fought by the first generation of Americans.
The most common Independence Day symbol is the American flag. Its red, white and blue design is displayed in all possible ways on July 4 and can be seen in front of homes, buildings and window displays. Other symbols associated with Independence Day are the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island in New York.

What a great time of year to grab your Coolaz stubby holders [known as Koozies in the US] and celebrate with your friends and family! Here are just a couple of designs to choose from, and don't forget that you can add indivdual names to each of your coolers [koozies] so that you don't get your drinks mixed up at your July Fourth event this year...

... and for those that were celebrating Canada Day on 1st July 2012 too!